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Garrett I didn't know you had all these pics, were they taken the night that we met at my house for pizza and videos with Maddog? That was a fun night, did we et the bike out for any burnouts? John The finish on my pipes is an aluminum/ceramic coating from Performance Coatings in Oklahoma City. The owner is a well know triple racer and he does a great job. The finish is matte when its first baked but can be easily polished. And the stuff is super hard. It was developed for marine exhaust systems to keep them from corroding, they coat them on the inside and out. It has an extra benefit that it is a heat barrier so the pipes dont change harmonics as they heat up, because they dont heat up that much. You can lay you hands on the pipes right after a pass and they are barely warm. And the engine cases are made by cutting the left three cylinders out of the KZ bottom end, and setting the H2 cases in thier place. The pic you posted shows the right KZ cylinder and how they blanked it off. Its done that way because the KZ crank drives the clutch off a gear between the third and fourth cylinders and the H2 off the end of the crank. These cases are really strong but tend to warp when welded, at least my set were warped, and the finished cases wiegh more than 43 lbs without any studs in place. Add that to the wieght of the KZ clutch which is almost twice as heavy as and H2 and a big tranny and you need a lot of extra HP to get the same results you would get from a stock H2 bottom end. The biggest benefit, you can use a KZ funnybike tranny that will handle up to 400-500hp without any trouble. So it cures the typical drive train problems associated with the stock H2 cases so if you can make the HP, the drive train will
handle it. Now the challenge is to make 260-280hp with a 750cc motor, which is about what will be needed to put a 570lb bike/rider consistently into the 7s.

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Here's a shot of the Bad Boy with it's body work off.. This bike will run in the 7's when Baxter gets it all straightened out .. Brother, I
want to be there.. Maybe IDBA world finals ?? Yep ... that's a KZ tranny grafted to a H2
block.. One of only 2 or 3 in the world .. You can see the tail section of the Blue
Laydown next to the "Monster" .. It run 8.90's with no juice..


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