Le Coupe Sportif

What is Le Coupe Sportif?

Each year the Tour de France snakes all the way through the rural area – all through the mountains, towns, cities and villages of France – on a sports event that is at the same time a meeting with its past, legacy and the fans across the zone.

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The aforementioned scenarios perform as a series of trials for the world’s most distinguished and famous cyclists, who present themselves to compete between each other and complete the task set ahead in order to gain the desired Yellow Jersey, the event’s precious reward which has been delivered to the winner for decades.

The number of the pretenders to the prize increases each year.

In more recent times, Le Coq Sportif has also suggested a second Yellow Jersey portraying these extraordinary and renowned highways.

How long does the Coupe Sportif last?

The Coq Sportif lasts for several days in a row, and from the first to the last the adrenaline and suspense are palpable in the air for the witnesses that spot the cyclists speeding through the roads. The one that gets to honor to wear the Yellow Jersey will be selected after crisscrossing five mountain chains, an additional couple of islands and carrying out the one and only time-trial whose finish line is on La Planche-des-Belles-Filles.

What is the Yellow Jersey and why is it so important?

The Yellow Jersey is deemed such a noteworthy honor for it represents many well-known monuments and roads within the European country. Most recently, for its 107th edition, the memorial was for the Arc de Triomphe – the ancient and illustrious monument recognized around the world and which has received the competitors at the end of the famed race since the year 1975.

The Yellow Jersey for 2020

Ever since Le Coq Sportif was first hosted in the mid 70’s, the Yellow Jersey’s design has been inspired by the brand’s archives and the famed race’s history, its Mondrian-style motif is perfect for showing off and enhancing its characteristic color at the moment when the general classification leader wears it.

This year – in commemoration of the Yellow Jersey’s  one hundredth anniversary celebrated last year – the French gear provider is propositioning for the confection of a jersey with a representation of the the prominent Place Masséna, also in honor of the Grand Départ in Nice at the start of the race.

The Place Masséna in itself was constructed in 1830, it was inspired by Turin’s Piazza Vittorio Veneto and as of now it is an essential piece of Nice’s legacy and culture. It’s no surprise that the organizers of the event would choose such an important scenario belonging to European history for depicting in their signature reward, and this easily turns the Place Masséna in even more of a focal point than what it already was, especially for the sports aficionados.

The goal behind the Jersey is to make the contenders and the public to feel in contact with the continent’s history and hold it in the highest regard, that’s why it is so crucial to stand in for architectural pieces like this.

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