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Deal's Gap 3rd annual 2 stroke meet -- 5/24-5/26

A fun time was had by all.  Everyone was great and we did a lot of riding.  There were a few mechanical problems with some of the bikes, but it didn't seem to spoil anyone's good time.  1 broken clutch that was made functional, 1 broken clutch cable, 1 set of blown fork seals (My H1), 1 low speed drop that did little damage to the bike or rider, 1 oil line leak that was fixed, and 1 seizure.

Here are some of the pictures that I took.  Videos will be up shortly.


The Pictures



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My new H2 with my H1 and Tracy body H2 in view
Dale's (mraxl) S3
Dave's H1
Triple Ed's GT380
Frank's T500
Jim Knight's H2
Jim Knight's H2A
Kink's H1
Chris's (Mont) 2 H2s
Most of the bikes in one big picture
Mr Foully and his 80 and 350
Pete trying to get his clutch working again
Thom's H2B
 John's H1A
 Jeff's (not me) Daytona 400
 Lane Pipkin's Water Buffalo
At Fontana Dam 
l to r: Lane, Chris, Thom, Dave, Jeff (me), Kink, Frank
Thom checking his plugs 
Dale and Dave in the background
Dave in FL trying to get a cell signal
A bunch of us at the overlook
2nd group ride to the Dam
More of the second ride

The Videos
For best results you will probably have to download the clips to your PC and view them from there.

Taming the dragon on an H2

 Deals Gap Run Part 1
 Deals Gap Run Part 2
 Deals Gap Run Part 3
 Deals Gap Run Part 4
From the Crossroads of Time to the first stop (7 MB)
Leg 2 part 1 (6 MB)
Leg 2 part 2 (7 MB)
To the Overlook (9 MB)

The video had to be broken up into 4 parts for size requrements.  The first stop was to let the other riders catch up, the second stop was because I heard a noise in my bike (you can hear it towards the end of the 3rd clip...loud metallic clanging)  I couldn't find anything wrong and nothing fell off, so I continued on my way.  This clip was made on my 3rd pass and my very first time through the Gap while I was not following someone, so I was a bit slow.  The video quality is marginal in places.  My $20.00 eBay camcorder was not really up to the task.  I don't know if the vibration caused the problems or the bike's  ignition interfered with the electronics, but the video is shaky in places and went to blue screen in a few others.  Let it play and you'll see it all.

The motorcycle that was used to make this video is a 1972 Kawasaki H2 with a Tracy body.  The motor is stock with a set of expansion chambers made by Tom Loftis of Knoxville, TN.  The camcorder is an old Hitachi 8mm (that has obviously seen better days) that I attached to the H2 in place of the speedometer (that is where it fit)

The rest of the videos

 Dave's bike undergoing a chamber swap and test
 H2 Drew's bike with Tomcat's pipes being tested
 Mr Foully's AR80
 A bunch of us heading out on a ride
3.1 MB
From Chris' video.
4.7 MB
From Chris' video.
215 KB
From Chris' video.

Unfortunately, the little AR80 developed motor trouble and couldn't tame the Dragon.

3.4 MB
From Chris' video.

More 2 strokes actually on the road at one time than most people at the Gap had ever seen before :)

 A whole lot of 2 strokes all in one place :)
 This was Dave's idea
  Dave in one of the sharper turns 
  Dave's run back Part 1 
1.5 MB
From Pete's video.


6.5 MB
From Pete's video.
Part 1 of this clip

4 marginally sane people, 1 H1, 1 Dodge truck, 2 camcorders = a lot of fun and a burnt butt

1.4 MB
From Pete's video.

Pete's camera didn't get the sparks flying off the sport bikes.

8.3 MB
From Pete's video.

I was told to drive back as fast as I can.  Keep an eye on the sport bikes behind Dave.

 Dave's run back Part 2 
 Dave's run back Part 3 
 Frank on his T500 going on a ride 
 Some people introducing themselves 
6 MB
From Pete's video.

Part 2

7.4 MB
From Pete's video.

Part 3

1 MB
From Pete's video.

Listen to the sound of that Suzuki.

6.3 MB
From my video.

A bunch of people who were willing to introduce themselves on video.  I didn't get everyone and I apologize for that.

Keep checking back here for more videos of the 3rd Annual 2 Stroke Meet at Deal's Gap.  I'll be posting them as I convert them to internet viewable format.

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