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From : "nancy karasiewicz" <nancysk@bigpond.com>
To : <tomcatloftis@hotmail.com> Subject : ex denco triple triple {3}
Date : Wed, 11 Sep 2002 16:30:25 +1000

tom me again,peter allen in the sadle and me about to fire her up and test 60 ft times oz style, notice the car positioned so as to not run through my neighbours living room should she get a mind of her own and not haul up.........joe karasiewicz

Click on images below for larger view
denco triple triple vintage racebike
From : "nancy karasiewicz" <nancysk@bigpond.com>
To : <tomcatloftis@hotmail.com>
Subject : ex denco triple triple {2}

hi again tom, some more pics,i will send more when i find the time as i am very busy at the moment .......joe karasiewicz

denco triple triple dennis dean of denco

Not only did Martin Luther have a dream,
But so did Denis Dean.
As he cast his lasso far and wide,
To corral America's master of tube pride.
Boris Murray hard at toil burning midnight oil,
to realize Denis' eventual toy.

Joe Karasiewicz.

click on image to see the
master frame builder


phew! only ate one piston and barrel on rear left on last outing!!
photo at Denco workshop.
Joe Karasiewicz.

Hi tomcat,
In regards to your mention of pictures of a new Denco triple triple drag bike I would appreciate if you could email me a picture or two as I had no luck in accessing and viewing it. In the mid 70’s I was a proprietor of JK motorcycles 69 Lt. Latrobe street Melbourne. Victoria Australia. During my earlier years I used to run H2s, that is in,
speedway sidecars and drags. And it was about this time that I acquired the Denco triple triple (Silverbullet) and totally rebuilt it. I will send you some pictures with this email to use on your site and for you to see how it has evolved and how it looks now as I still have the bike in my possession. Also, I would like to get in touch with
Denis Dean, Boris Murray or Dennis Manning of Bub Enterprises if anyone
knows of their whereabouts
. Regards to all triple enthusiasts out there
Joe Karasiewicz

October 14, 2002 new images:

As big as this doughnut looks it's not nearly enough to handle the horses on tap

Promotional pics with Pomme Peter Allen taken at Calder Park Raceway -Melbourne Victoria

Aircraft 24 volt startermotor used to fire the bike can be seen on bottom pic still on and Pomme Pete sure looks happy on a blend of victoria bitter and Castrol R fumes

More pics of Joe and Pomme Pete

Checking to see if i could bring the motors more rearward to apply more weight to the rear wheel
denco triple triple kawasaki  dragbike

Photo by Tony Glynn

Brooklyn Speedway, Joe and Rossy

I,ve found a few snaps of some of my speedway H2 sidecars that the
silverfish haven't got to,from left Joe, centre Sonny, and my passenger

"Here seen fitting a Suzuki T350 tank as H2 one decided to leak ,these bikes
were run at night meets on quarter-mile and on half-mile and speeds of 100
to 110mph were common."

click on image

"A slightly clearer pic"

"Silverbullet was rebuilt in these premises"

One of three test H2,s used for my own development of port specks,heads,chambers etc. Neville Doyle of Team Kawasaki Aust, many thanks for releasing equipement my way to enhance this project.

Heres another, time trials at Calder Park,it had a strong motor but used to kill clutches and gearboxes

I'm sending you some pic's of what you could say are one of the offspring of the triple triple so to speak,it's based on a pair of my twenty odd spare motors that i used to have race ready.I think that you'll agree with me that he's done quite an admirable job on his first rendition of a double Specs are:-2-149hp 792cc motors:-Reworked 38mm mikuni's:-Motors coupled by Uniroyal htd 8mm pitch belt:- crankshaft ends splined,and coupled to a KZ 1000 box running a dry clutch.Owner is my mate of around 27 yrs{Billy} Emmauel Calleya:-Bike name;- Built To Be Wild. Joe

This one is a bit crappy as its been walked on in his workshop.

November 27, 2002
I can only tell you what he said to me after not seeing each other for around 15 yrs when i tracked him down and asked him about the motors and chambers i sold him when he took me to a sealed section of his garage and said there are and my eyeballs clapped on this finished product.He said that in various testing the bike was very quick and was a handfull as even in the higher gears it wheelstands .He's agreed when i can produce some decent plates that we'll take it out on some back road do a runs so i'll keep you posted. Attached is a pic of Bill himself when he turned up with wheelbarrow full of money attempting to buy the triple of me,don't let his calm looks fool you in this snap he's an animal on a bike









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