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Tom, it definitely pulls better than the dencos or spec 2's. I went for a ride this AM on some country roads.
It pulls very well at high rpm. The power does not fall off like the other pipes. Everything you told me about them is true.
I am very happy with them. They are well worth the money. - Ed

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Tom, the bike ran great today! I had another friend ride the bike today. He has an H2 & S3. His comments were " I can't believe the level of performance while maintaining such excellent low end drivability".
I did a 50 ft wheelie today! I shifted into second & the wheel popped up again! We put a serious hurting on my clutch! It started slipping after the thrashing we gave it! The frictions, steels & springs are new. It just could not take the extra power. I have some springs that are 20% stiffer than stock that I am going to try.
I also took some great outdoor pics of the bike today I need to send you. - Ed

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fat pipes roadrace side view.jpg fat pipes roadrace.jpg left street- right road race.jpg pipe street.jpg


the third pic over is of the street-pipe on the left and the roadrace on the right. I figured I would build the roadrace specs outside the frame also. The roadrace will also be built tucked under the frame.