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Newcomer's Survival Guide to Deal's Gap

Deal's Gap is a section of U.S. 129 consisting of 318 turns in 11 miles and is also known as "the dragon". General Information for Deal's Gap can be found at www.dealsgap.com and www.tailofthedragon.com. At the south end (many people consider this the beginning of deal's gap) is a motel and campground called Crossroads of Time Motorcycle Resort. They have a gas station and small general store. Their phone number is 800-889-5550. This is the main gathering point for those visiting Deal's Gap. It is located at the intersection of US 129 and North Carolina State Road 28 in eastern North Carolina, just a few hundred yards from the Tennessee state line.

Whether you are going to stay in the motel or camp in front of the motel, you will want to bring enough supplies and food for your trip. There are no restaurants, bars, or places to buy major supplies (food, alcohol, coffee, etc.) in the area. Deli sandwiches and snacks are available at the general store. There are a couple of BBQ grills available in front of the motel, but you may want to bring a small grill and/or a coleman stove if you have one. You may also want to bring a lawn chair for sitting around in the evening while telling stories about you and your triple.

If camping, in addition to your usual camping supplies, bring plenty of your favorite beverage (did I mention no alcohol for sale?). The campground is an open, grassy area in front of the motel where you pick your own spot and pitch a tent. There is a bathroom and a shower available for campers. Don't forget soap, bath towel, and I recommend bringing a roll of toilet paper.

Directions: Due to the limited access by mountain terrain, directions are easy.
From the south, take US 129 north through Tapoco. You will see the gas station at the intersection of 129 and state road 28.
From the east, take state road 28 west through Fontana Village. You will see the gas station on your right at the intersection of 129 and state road 28.
From the north, take US 129 south. You will actually drive through Deal's Gap. After crossing the NC state line, you will see the motel on your left. It is about 60 miles south of Knoxville.

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